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Home Reading

Reading underpins the ability to learn effectively in many areas of the curriculum, which is why at Rogate we have made it a key area for improvement. We have made improvements recently in order to ensure our pupils not only make good progress in reading but that they also develop a love of reading that will remain with them throughout their academic career and on into adulthood.

Star Early Literacy and Accelerated Reader

As emerging readers reception and year 1 pupils are first introduced to Star Early Literacy. This consolidates the work they are doing in their phonics sessions and also develops their understanding of language.

As pupils become more confident they will move onto Accelerated Reader. At this point they will begin taking regular (once a half term) diagnostic tests which will determine the pupils understanding of language and comprehension in short pieces which they will read on a screen and then answer questions about. By the end of the test the programme will have accurately determined the level of reading material which the pupil is able to comprehend.

The child will then be given a recommended reading range eg: 2.5-3.7. These numbers relate to numbers that the pupils will find on the spines of the books in the library. They will be told that they can only take books out of the library with numbers on that fall within their reading range. They will then take these books home and read them either independently or with a family member. When the pupil returns the book they may take an Accelerated Reading Test which check the pupil’s knowledge and understanding of that particular book. At the end of the test, the pupil will find out how they have done and how many points they have been awarded for reading that book (the longer the book, the more points they will gain). While these tests do not provide data as the diagnostic tests do, teachers have found the records of these tests to be useful in tracking pupils who may not be reading as often as they should be. The staff can then respond by giving these pupils opportunities to read and test in school.

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