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Home Mathematics

The standards expected of students in mathematics has changed dramatically since the introduction of the new National Curriculum in 2016. At Rogate, we aim to have a consistent approach to the teaching of calculation methods (please see our calculation policy below) and a common language of reasoning across the school.

We ensure that pupils are given opportunities to not only solve problems but also discuss their thinking and explore different ways of solving the same problem. We also include practical activities in our maths lessons in order to ensure engagement in the lessons.


Maths in Early Years

In Early Years, we teach the basic building blocks of mathematical understanding. Below are the Key Objectives that Reception children will work on over their first year at Rogate CE Primary School. The Early Learning Goals are the Key Indicators at the end of the Reception year for whether a child has achieved GLD (Good Level of Development) or not.

Maths in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Following their time in Early Years, children will move onto the National Curriculum objectives which are appropriate for their year group, unless it is felt that they need to consolidate their understanding of earlier building blocks before moving on.

As they move through the school, pupils will be expected to use more formalised methods; become more adept at manipulating number; use well reasoned explanations for their working and apply their knowledge to a wide variety of contexts.

The KS1 and KS2 Programmes of Study for Mathematics from the National Curriculum

Calculation Strategies

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