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At Rogate CE Primary School, we praise and reward positive learning behaviours in our pupils and encourage every member of our learning community to demonstrate the ‘Rogate Rs’:


We believe that every member of our learning community has the right to learn, teach and hold their own beliefs. We therefore demand that we all show the highest level of respect to every member of our learning community and beyond.


At Rogate, we encourage pupils to be resilient, have the courage to try again and appreciate that mistakes are positive evidence that we are trying to learn how to do something new.


We expect our pupils to use a variety of strategies if they become stuck. These strategies include using the resources in the classroom and spaces around them, to support their learning; asking a learning partner; re-reading the instructions and finally asking for help from an adult.


We encourage all our children and teachers to be reflective learners both in and out of the classroom. When working in class we often ask them to re-read their work and evaluate and improve their pieces. Outside of the classroom, we expect them to consider their behaviour and, when falling out happens, consider how they could have behaved differently to achieve a more positive outcome.


At Rogate, the children are taught that in order to become more competent, they will, at times, need to try new things that may be beyond their comfort zone. We aim to instill in them a desire for these challenges and a confidence in being a 'Risk-Taker'.


Every member of our learning community is expected to take responsibility for their behaviour, our learning environment and their work. We encourage this by giving children opportunities to contribute to school council, becoming positive play leaders and ensuring that independent tasks are incorporated into their daily learning.

Our Values and Ethos

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